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First and foremost, our #1 core value is “We Care”. This takes into consideration our employees, their families, our customers, our subcontractors and suppliers. 

Collectively, we all need to ensure we are taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Here at Harper, we are continuing to monitor a wide range of issues associated with the proliferation of COVID-19. Nationally, Harper is conferencing daily to stay on top of recommendations from the appropriate regulatory agencies to assist our employees and customers.

We are working with our employees, skilled trades, customers, and suppliers to take all necessary precautions to continue normal operations, assist our employees during these unprecedented times, and provide any additional services our customers need during this pandemic.


These guidelines are based on what we currently know about COVID-19. This information and advice were obtained from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). As this issue evolves we will update this guidance. Harper will implement this guidance on a company-wide basis. Harper’s expectation is that all parties will adhere to the most stringent requirements to ensure compliance and the safest possible working conditions for all.

Expectations of all Harper locations:

  • Office employees: the Company has decided to allow employees to work from home under certain conditions during the coronavirus situation. Employees will be able to work from home when the following applies:
    • They show symptoms of the virus which leads to them being quarantined
    • Daycare challenges that require them to be home for their children
    • Other reasons which are presented to the Branch Manager, Corporate Department Manager or the President of LEDS.

If employees are diagnosed with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) or are sick with flu-like symptoms, they are instructed to stay home under our sick leave policy. 

  • Service operations: we will be providing instructions to our technicians, including guidance around personal protection.
  • Construction sites: we are reaching out to our customers to understand their actions or directives they are providing, so we can be in lockstep with them, providing we agree to their directives.

  • All non-essential travel is canceled including face to face national meetings. Essential business travel should be limited to those situations where business cannot reasonably be conducted without a face-to-face interaction or job site visits.

  • Meetings of six or more shall occur via conference calls, Google Hangouts, or other telecommunications.

  • All non-essential training is suspended. Essential safety training shall continue as needed but in smaller group settings in which close contact between participants is avoided. 

  • All employees should routinely clean all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace, such as workstations, countertops, and doorknobs. Use the cleaning agents that are usually used in these areas and follow the directions on the labels.

  • Harper will require additional cleanings on current job site trailers, break areas, and branch offices. (Including increased air-filter changes, increasing the number of air exchanges, and increasing the number of cleaning services per week.)

  • All mass common break areas (e.g., hospital cafeterias, multi-wide jobsite trailers) will stop being used, allowing employees to break in smaller groups or in their private vehicles.

  • No visitors (e.g., sales, cold-calls) will be allowed to enter Harper offices or job sites without an approved appointment. (Scheduled deliveries are an approved appointment)

  • All tools should be wiped down before use.

  • Harper will continue to provide proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for all tasks including working with and around HVAC equipment, plumbing, piping and control systems. This includes changing filters, UV lights, and other infectious disease concerns. All PPE protocols should be continued to be used as required by manufacturers’ requirements. Any concern with a specific task shall contact the local safety department for additional guidance.

  • Harper employees working in high-risk facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes or other medical facilities shall abide by the facilities’ protocols including daily health evaluation and fever checks if implemented.

  • All Harper employees shall avoid close contact and put distance between themselves and other persons, including while walking around in public areas of our customer locations. (Medical facilities will have all potential virus carriers in masks and away from the public, lowering the risk to our employees and partners.)

We are working aggressively to understand what the right moves are to protect our employees and still maintain our business operations. We will continue to issue company-wide communications as we learn more and decide on additional actions that should be taken. 

Please stay informed as the CDC is updating its website daily,, with the latest information and advice for the public.