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Offsite - Prefab - Modular

Since 2002, we have led the industry in developing ways to optimize on-site labor productivity through off-site design, construction and fabrication technologies and processes. Off-site construction simply means fabricating MEP system components in our shop and delivering them to the job site for safe, efficient, high quality and accurate assembly.

Our off-site distribution racks are designed using state-of-the-art 3D BIM technology to configure ceiling spaces and utility risers into off-site assemblies. Our skid-mounted equipment assemblies allow for off-site fabrication of compact and sometimes congested mechanical and electrical equipment rooms. These skids are typically mounted complete with inertia bases, controls and devices.

Specialized in Technically Complex Projects

Maximize Pre-Fabrication

Equipment skids

We also engineer and fabricate fully customized modular plant rooms for specific applications. We design these rooms as stand-alone buildings, or we install them as a modular subsection of a building. Our modular plants come complete with equipment, services, wiring and controls for plug and play functionality.

Specialized in Technically Complex Projects

Maximize Offsite


By working off-site, we improve workplace safety, reduce congestion on job sites, enhance quality and allow for concurrent delivery of project components that would otherwise have to be delivered sequentially. This system improves project timelines and provides our clients with a greater return on their investments.