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Success Factors

Success Drivers - Construction Execution

Many factors affect the success of the complex MEP projects we deliver. Here are the key success factors for MEP systems to work reliably and efficiently:  

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From our perspective, the key success factors are the right team engaged at the right time (owner, architect, contractor, special contractors), the right people in the right seats, the right design & execution plan based upon good project definition, the right field execution & flow, the right commissioning process, the right close-out process and the right systems, tools and technologies supported by a LEAN process.

Success Driver Workflow

Besides having the right people in the right seats, the most important success driver is early, active engagement of the construction team in the project definition and pre-construction stages.  

Early involvement allows deep dive exploration of design alternatives, accurate/reliable cost planning, scheduling & logistical detailing and the creation of a collaborative, team-based environment with the goals and objectives of key stakeholders fully aligned.

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Another key success factor, ideally determined during Project Definition, is the project delivery strategy.  In the context of MEP special contracting, the project delivery strategy is the execution of MEP design and construction, and it typically involves a choice between the four primary methods:

The correct project delivery method is especially important to owners whose projects are:  

  • Highly complex in scope, thus requiring best-in-class design and expert field execution and close coordination with and between the building trades.
  • Under time pressure, thus requiring an accelerated, fast-track process.
  • Constructed in or around occupied facilities. 
  • Tied into existing facilities.
  • Driven by owners who desire a collaborative, cooperative team environment from Day 1.

Read more about our application of these delivery methods under Advanced Delivery and LEDS.  

Tools & Systems

Success factors further include the use of leading edge technologies, systems and processes to support excellence in construction execution including:

  • Limbach Modeling and Production Technology.
  • Building Information Modeling
    • CoBie - An industry-recognized Building Information Modeling (BIM) language
    • Model integration and mash-up for trade coordination
    • Clash detection and mitigation 
    • Levels of Detail - definition of levels of detail needed in the BIM model for work in the field
  • Trimble - GPS location technology for placement of MEP equipment.
  • Lean processes and systems.