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Limbach Engineering and Design Services

Founded in 1980, Limbach Engineering and Design Services (LEDS) is a division of Limbach created to provide in-house engineering to Harper and their customers. Based in Orlando, LEDS works hand-in-hand with Harper branches to serve customers.

LEDS Capabilities

LEDS provides a suite of services to our branch operations and customers ranging from project definition through commissioning, start-up, service and maintenance.

LEDS Services Short

Limbach Modeling and Production System (LMPS)

One of the cornerstones of our value proposition is the application of LMPS to our customer's projects.  Learn more about LMPS here.

Project Delivery Flexibility

From founding through the 1990s, our business used Design/Bid/Build delivery, also known as Plan & Spec or competitive lump sum bidding (described below).

Over the last 10 years, however, Harper has focused more attention on advanced delivery methods including Design/Assist, Design/Build and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) delivery. Today, these streamlined project approaches earn more than 60% of our revenue.  

We deliver value to our customers through early engagement of Harper in these advanced delivery methodologies:

Design/Assist (D/A).   On Design/Assist assignments, LEDS works with our building owner's team during the design phase to provide engineering peer review, value engineering/exploration, cost estimating, constructability review and logistical planning.  LEDS, in collaboration with our branch estimating teams, provides conceptual and detailed estimating on a continuous, real-time basis throughout design. 

Design Assist RV

Design/Build (D/B)
.  With Design/Build, LEDS is fully engaged in collaboration with our construction team to plan, design and seal documents for permit. With Design/Build, Harper is the prime D/B contractor while LEDS is the engineer of record working under contract with Harper. Typically, we provide Design/Build delivery on MEP-intensive projects and occasionally manage other building trade subcontractors as a convenience to the building owner. 

Design Build RV

Change Management and Mitigation.  
Regardless of the delivery method, we work closely with the building owner's team to mitigate field change orders, minimize rework and reduce requests for information in the field.  

Technology. LEDS team members constantly evaluate new technologies and workflows that can make our design and construction processes more LEAN and offer further value to our customers. 

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).  IPD is one of the newest and most advanced project delivery methods, and we are active participants in more than 12 Pure IPD contracts as of Fall 2016. We deliver a tremendous level of value to a building owner's IPD team by integrating engineering, construction and service expertise. Pure IPD is generally defined as a project with all core team members under a multiparty agreement.



Plan & Spec.  
Since company inception, Harper has been involved in Design/Bid/Build delivery, also known as Plan & Spec. With Plan & Spec delivery, specialty contractors compete against each other with a 100% complete set of design documents as the basis of the price.

Today, about 40% of our revenue is earned through Plan & Spec delivery with a major contractor through Best-Value selection – and the remaining revenue from low-price-only.  Best-Value generally means that price is one of many factors in the selection while low-price-only generally means that price is the only factor in the selection.  

Because Harper has little or no direct, early involvement in a Plan & Spec delivery, our contribution to value is limited to post-bid scope evaluation and value exploration.  In many cases, we save significant dollars through our active engineering engagement.   

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