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Tradition Medical Center

South Florida

  • Customer: Balfour Beatty & Robins & Morton
  • Delivery Method: Design Assist
  • Service Offering: Mechanical & Plumbing
  • Project Description: To satisfy the healthcare needs of one of south Florida’s fastest growing communities, Martin Health will add 170,000 square feet and three stories to the facility. When completed in 2018, Tradition Medical Center will double in size, with a total of nine stories and 90 new patient rooms. A mechanical mezzanine level, located on the third floor rather than the roof, allows for a more efficient vertical expansion. IA Chiller & Cooling Tower addition will be added in an existing Chiller Plant, along with a complete re-pipe of the condenser water system changing the piping material from black steel to stainless steel piping. The three story addition consisted of full mechanical system distribution on every floor with new penthouse on the roof. Penthouse houses chilled water air handling units that feed the expansion floors. The plumbing scope consists of an expansion of the existing medical gas and plumbing systems to meet the needs of 90 new patient rooms.
  • Completion Date: N/A
  • Total Project Cost: N/A