With a core staff of technical MEP professionals,  our professional service offering consists of construction program management, owner advisory and professional services that focus on both Design & Construction capital as well as Infrastructure capital projects for our clients.

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Our approach to facility assessments is to look at each major component of our client’s building’s infrastructure and systems to better understand current system conditions and functional effectiveness. Our facility assessment process involves a team of our professional engineers conducting a walk-through inspection and developing a comprehensive assessment of your facilities’ structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and current site conditions. Once your facility data has been captured, our team will analyze our findings, identify if your equipment complies with current codes, and develop budgets and recommendations for upgrades or replacement.

Our Facility Assessment Solutions Include:

    • Gain an understanding of all of your assets and combine equipment data into one central location.
    • Gain an understanding of how your building systems and equipment are performing.
    • Gain an understanding of equipment that is nearing its end-of-life and develop budgets for replacements and upgrades.


Our Program Management team speciailizes in providing professional MEP services focused on providing traditional D&C project management, owner’s representation at the facility or enterprise level.

Our Program Management Solutions Include:

    • Budget Analysis / Control
    • Design Guidance
    • Contract Management
    • Vendor Coordination (OFE etc.)
    • Project Scheduling
    • Transition / Activation Planning
    • Multiple project engagement
    • Retainer options
    • Volume Analysis
    • Facility Operation Assessments
    • Project Conceptual Phasing / Scheduling
    • Budget Development
    • Schematic Design Pricing Package
    • OFE Needs Analysis
    • Phasing / Scheduling
    • Turnkey Project Budget


Harper has been self-performing commissioning since the late 1990’s. With dedicated full-time commissioning technical experts and a proficient crew of mechanics, we consistently review mechanical specifications and standards to ensure they meet the design requirements and systems will operate as they were intended.

Our In-House Commissioning Solutions Include: